About Rab

Rab Island is famous for its excellent conditions for rest.

The mild Mediterranean climate, wonderful scenery, numerous restaurants, cafes, bars, dance halls and nightclubs attract tourists.

The main town is the historic town of Rab. You can see the Romanesque cathedral, the church of St. Justin, monasteries and townsmen palaces.

Also, fans of active recreation will be satisfied: the island has numerous tennis courts, rental of yachts and boats, bowling alleys, etc.

The island of Rab is one of the sunniest places in Croatia. The sun shines here on avarage for 2500 hours a year.

The island, like all of Croatia, has a very varied landscape. From the land it is protected by Velebit mountain range. Rab looks eternally green in the mild mediterranean climate.

During the whole season there are many cultural events in the town of Rab: concerts in the open air and enclosed halls.

There are also numerous galleries and exhibitions on the street, and it is all in the scenery of the medieval old town. Rich history and tradition affirms regularly repeated since 1364 tournament of the shooters with a crossbow and a numerous folk festivals.

The island is famous for its sandy beaches. For lovers of the underwater world, Rab is one of the most interesting places all over the Croatian coast.

But the biggest attraction of the island Rab are small, sandy beaches (the most famous in the village of Lopar, the center of San Marino).

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